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Monday - April 10, 2017, POWER ON! - Right! :)! ~R Tuesday, June 21, 2016. If you email me, I need to know your/ the GRILL BRAND NAME and GRATE TYPE..., AND, your ZIP CODE too Please. PLEASE! ~R

July 15, 2015. Uh, If you send me Mail Order with No CONTACT INFORMATION and No GRILL BRAND NAME and GRATE TYPE - I SIMPLY CAN'T/ WON'T Fill the order! - Right! I Need/ Want to know my Brush is going to work for you - Okay! Include your Contact Information and, your Grill Brand Name and Grate Type if you Mail Order - PLEASE!!~R

5PM, June 28, 2015, TOO MANY EMAILS! NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION! Please, if you email me I need to know your Zip Code and GRILL BRAND NAME AND GRATE TYPE. Without your Grill info I won't ship. Having said that, Stainless Heads for China Brush currently in US Customs since 6-23. I think I'm Back Ordered until 7-24-15. If you send me Mail Order with Check, and don't include your contact info and Grill Brand name, well, that's as good as Shooting Yourself in the Face - RIGHT! Uh, okay, now on with the Show! :)! "None other ... None better" (SM). ~R

And again, June 18, 2015, September 1, 2014 Update. Limited quantities now available. Uh, No, I can't do an order for 108 Grill Wizards. If you Mail Order then, I need to know what Grill Brand Name/ Grate type it is that you have..., 18" China Brush can only clean grates Equal to, or Near Rim height, Not a 2" or 4" recessed grate. ~R

Order soon because, inevitable Price Increases are in process. 2013 High Lights: Sales still up 25% over 2011 and Z-Brush shipped to Czech Republic. 2012, First ever 18 Inch "China" Brush now on the Continent of AFRICA (Angola). I guess that means that "Grill Wizard" is a truly Internationally known Brand Name - I am so Happy about That! :)!

January 31, 2014 - Happy New Year! Since 1998, now in our 16th year, Before and Longer than any other grill accessory website in Internet history, we are here to serve you! (I hope that says something about the "Grill Wizard" Brand and that you can know that you can shop with confidence and, that, what you might buy will actually work - and, prove to be economical). Customer Satisfaction is our foremost goal at

May 20, 2011, It is nice that the Grill Wizard 18 Inch "China" Brush is the favorite brush of America's Test Kitchen, unfortunately they can't seem to get it right about where to buy one! doesn't have, make or sell any Grill Wizard approved product. You can still buy The Original, TWO Scrub, Wood Handled, 18 Inch "China" Brush right here..., at Search for "Grill Wizard" on to see "Grill Wizard Scrub Install", or "Grill Wizard Product Demonstration". Welcome retaliers Cook's Nook in Norwalk, CT and Dish It Up! in Seattle, WA. World Wide Shipping at the present time - In 2009, Grill Wizard - 18" "China" Brushes shipped to Canada, UK, Norway, Finland, Costa Rica, Greece, Hungary, Japan and Australia.

Now in our 13th year, a Revolutionary grill design will hopefully soon be available. Just as the Patented "replaceable scrubbie" technology revolutionized how a grill grate is cleaned, so too will the new Grill Wizard Grill revolutionize the design of grills to come. Grill Wizard is still "None other ... None better" (SM).

Friday, May 22nd, 2009 - ATK/ Cook's, Did NOT do their homework!. Poly Handle Grill Wizard is NOT an Authorized Grill Wizard Product. The scrubs in PH GW only last a few /10 cleanings, which is why I have never offered this brush for sale..., AND, it is physically impossible for One Big Scrub to conform/ clean the depth of a grate rung. I (still) make The Original - TWO Scrub, Wood Handled, 18 Inch "China" Brush. There are many sites offering Poly Handle GW, some for as low as $8.95, but watch out for Cost to Ship. Poly Handle GW weighs more than Wood Handle... so, Cost to ship is Much Higher. With prototypes complete, Three, New, Detachable Handle Grill Wizard brush models will hopefully soon be available. Stay tuned while all this "misinformation" gets sorted out/ R~

The Original, TWO Scrub, Wood Handled, 18 Inch "China" Brush is still "The Last Grill Brush you'll ever need to buy."(SM). Ordering info. can be found on the "Mail Order Pricing" page. Please email me if you would like to pay using, or if you are interested in reduced price "Factory Seconds", or if you would like to purchase on-line and with credit card. "None other... None better", is a SM of R.G. Manufacturing Cupertino, CA 95014. "Grill Wizard" is a Registered Trademark of R. G. Manufacturing - All Rights Reserved. ~R

"Essential Grilling Gadgets" from Cook's, June 8th newsletter... google "episode #716 Beer Can Chicken", to find local PBS programs of ATK 2007 Grill Wizard review. See "Grill Wizard Reviewed" in "America's Test Kitchen" - episode #408, being aired on your local PBS Channel. - Please, if you email me, I usu. get back to you "within the hour" so, check your Inbox because I am prompt in my response. Note: Customer Feedback indicates installed scrubs will last 80 to 180 cleanings.

- Below are the "Historical" postings, which are still somewhat relevant. <- Please note that the E-On detachable handle Grill Wizard & 3-piece set are Special Order only, the handle is too short to be practical for cleaning of / use with, today's deeper grills. Best Regards, ~R

4PM 6-02-03 Dear Customers, Grill Wizard is Temporarily Sold Out, but we are at this time working to make 3 Million Grill Wizards so, stay tuned. The problem is that I didn't know Cook's Illustrated was going to do a comparison test! Had I known that they were going to do a test, I would have said, "Don't Bother", I will not have enough Grill Wizards to supply the demand. Refer back to this page for weekly updates. Please wait one week to email me. Thanks for Understanding! Best Regards, ~R

5AM 6-03-03 Sur La Table (Nationwide) - may have a few GW left. Paddock Pools - NV, AZ Forden's - San Luis Obispo, CA

5AM 6-05-03 > If you want to Mail Order, order ONLY the 18 Inch Fixed Handle Embossed Grill Wizard as was tested by Cook's Illustrated. Do Not order replacement scrubs, the scrubs installed will last a long time. Price is $18.95. Cost to Ship - North and East of the "Mississippi" $7, Central $6, West $5. (estimated delivery time 2 to 12 weeks). Stay tuned for updates. ~R 7-10-03 > Until we can get production up, please be advised that, Orders received after 7-14-03 will most probably ship in 6 to 10 weeks. ~R.

6AM 6-26-03 > Orders received after 6-28-03 will ship beginning July 14th. If you ordered in late May..., and haven't as yet received your Grill Wizard, there is a problem with your order - You probably ordered the E-On - which is Not what Cook's tested..., (the handle is too short). There are 160 of these problem orders that I need to address. There are now 7 companies "in Gear" making Grill Wizards. Thank you for your order! Best regards, ~R . >

5AM 9-16-03 > Increased Production Capacity is progressing..., though slowly (Quality takes time, it seems). 4Q03 lead time is 4-6 weeks. Thanks for your Order! ~R .

More information can be obtained by email at the following address (PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR GRILL/GRATE TYPE and ZIP CODE):

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