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Problems associated with the current cleaning methods.
  • Tedious.
  • Handle too short.
  • No handle.
  • Made of plastic which melts.
  • Made of brass bristles which bend and hold the contaminates.
  • Chemical based.
  • Polluting.
  • The gunk gets all over the nylon pad and I have to throw the pad away.
  • The crummy little leather lace isn't user friendly for storage of the brush.
  • Can't use a scraper on my porcelain grate.
  • No Hook, no way to store it dirty.

The Grill Wizard Solution.

The Grill Wizard barbecue grill brush has a multitude of features, here are at least 16 of them.

  • It has a handle, a fourteen inch long handle. A sixteen inch long handle will soon be available. This way you can use the brush over a hot fire without burning your hand.
  • It has a detachable handle.
  • The handle has a hook from which it can hang from the barbecue or wherever.
  • The scouring head has a grasp, so you can use it by hand or throw it in the dishwasher for cleaning. Yes!, it can be cleaned.
  • It is made from stainless steel so it won't rust like iron and won't pollute, or melt, like plastic.
  • It can accommodate virtually any type of scouring medium you desire; steel wool, nylon scrubby pads, woven mesh pads, woven poly pads.
  • It has a large scouring surface for fast efficient cleaning.
  • It can hold two scourers.
  • When the pads are folded, they can reach down deep between the grates.
  • The scourers are easily installed and totally retained by the tine mechanism.
  • Great design! The cylindrical grasp and handle bale wire interface with a multitude of utensils, like the spatula utensil. The utensil can be washed without the handle.
  • Scouring pads are readily available.
  • The complete unit is rugged, durable and robust, for years of service. Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) was employed in the design so that if any portion of the unit fails in the field it can be easily repaired using simple, readily available materials and means.
  • The brush minimizes pollution and conserves resources. When the steel pad is worn out, Nature can break it down. The handle is made from Poplar wood, a fast growing renewable resource.
  • Because a woven mesh steel scourer has interstitial qualities, it won't clog up like a wire bristle brush.
  • The angle of the handle can be adjusted using the stop screw. The manufactured angle is approximately 12 degrees.

More information can be obtained by email at the following address:

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